We have different brands and states of use of used engines. We usually have KT38 and KTA19 Cummins marine used engines, as well as lot of parts of them.

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Engine Caterpillar 3512E DITA Used

Product no.: 2EZ00318

Catepillar 3512E DITA marine engine, year 2003. Serial number 2EZ00318, specification OK1937, arrangement 1736960.




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New Engine ReCon 6BTA5.9M Cummins used to repair

Product no.: 6BTA59M

Engine ReCon 6BTA5.9M Cummins used to repair.

3,500.00 € *

Engine used Perkins 6 cylinder

Product no.: W0021

Engine Iberia used 6-cylinder Perkins. The engine is in good working order. Apt to similar substitution or replacement.

1,200.00 € *
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Delivery weight: 600 kg

Marine engine D150 BMW

Product no.: W0053

Marine engine D150 BMW.

2,000.00 € *
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