Wide stock of used geared units and exploded in Masson, ZF, Twin-Disc, Reintjes, Capìtol, Borg-Warner, Technodrive, PRM.

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Gearbox ZWAF 862L Reintjes

Product no.: 67693

Gearbox marine Reintjes model ZWAF 862, reduction 6,45:1. Year of construction 2004. It comes from ship scrapping. 





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Gearbox HSW630A Hurth Used

Product no.: HURTH630A

Gearbox HSW630A Hurth Used, reduction 2.04: 1. This is the old gearbox model similar to the current ZF63A.

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Gearbox ZWAF561 Reintjes Used

Product no.: 59034

Gearbox ZWAF561 Reintjes Used. The first reduction 5,947: 1, the second, possibly, 5: 1. It is in very good condition. From ship scrapping.

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